February 2020



  • John Sutton, Operations Manager - Storyland & Living Shores


  • Anita Boyd, Promoted to Executive Director of People & Organization, USA
  • IT Conference - Newport Beach


  • Kenny Kangaroo on Ice! – Kennywood
  • Lake Compounce Celebration
  • Miami Seaquarium’s Nurse Shark Predicts Big Game Winner
  • Sea Life Park, Hawaii - In the News
Safety First
Don’t just say it, live it!

Safety is our top priority, and is everyone’s responsibility. Immediately report safety hazards or concerns to your supervisor. If an imminent hazard is present, immediately shut down the attraction or close off the area.
Safety Officer Spotlight

John Sutton, Operations Manager Storyland & Living Shores

John Sutton, Operations Manager at Story Land in Glen, NH and Head of Safety since 2014, frequented the park every summer in his youth. John has many fond memories running around the park from one ride to the next with his siblings. Now, John attempts to keep his three kids ages 3, 5, and 6 in sight while they do the same.  After college John worked as a local police officer for five years and in 2014 joined the Story Land team. One of John’s favorite aspects of his daily job is guest interaction.  He says, “I really enjoy the challenge of turning a guest’s day around, whether it is a child’s skinned knee or something more substantial.”  When John is not at work he enjoys time spent with his family and friends, hiking, skiing, running, reading, and fast coasters.

Slips, Trips and Falls are a leading cause of injuries at work and on the guest side of our facilities. Results include but are not limited to muscle sprains and tears, lacerations, abrasions, major trauma and deaths. Slips, trips and falls contribute to 15% of all accidental deaths in the US. There are so many places at an amusement park for our guests or employees to injure themselves from a slip, trip and fall. It is everyone’s job to help root out and prevent potential hazards where a guest or co-worker could become injured.  Here are six ways to help minimize the chances of a slip, trip, and fall.


1. Housekeeping
Good housekeeping is critical at all our parks and safety and housekeeping go hand in hand. Poor housekeeping may the result higher incidence of employee injuries. Having a well-organized and clean facility limits the likelihood of injuries and also shows our professionalism.

2. Wet or Slippery Surfaces
Lack of traction on surfaces can be challenging to control when inclement weather strikes. Often surfaces need treatment multiple times a day especially when temperatures drop creating snow and ice buildup. Humidity is also a big factor with surfaces and doesn’t allow moisture on floors to evaporate in a timely manner. Inclement weather events also affect indoor surfaces as moisture is tracked in by foot traffic.

  • Keep parking lots and sidewalks clean.
  • When snow and ice are present, remove or treat
  • Use adhesive striping material or anti-skid paint whenever possible.
  • Display “Wet Floor” signs especially in areas with chronic moisture issues.
  • Non-skid shoes for employees that work in slippery conditions like food areas.
  • Clean up spills immediately. Create a procedure for taking the appropriate action when someone causes or comes across a food or drink spill.

3. Keep Exits, Aisles, and Walkways clean at all times
Many Injuries result from trips caused by obstacles, clutter, materials and equipment left out in corridors, entranceways and stairwells. Proper housekeeping in work and traffic areas is still the most effective control measure in avoiding of these types of hazards. Not only do all egresses need to be free and clear to minimize the chance of injuries but need to be free and clear in the event of an emergency.

  • Keep all work space, passageways, storerooms and service areas clean and orderly.
  • Avoid stringing cords, cables or air hoses across hallways or paths of travel.
  • In office areas, avoid leaving boxes, files or bags in hallways.
  • Close file cabinet drawers after use and picking up loose items from the floor.
  • Conduct periodic inspections for slip and trip hazards.

4. Proper Lighting
There is a correlation with poorly lit areas and with accidents. What can we do?

  • Use proper illumination in walkways, staircases, ramps, hallways, basements, construction areas and dock areas.
  • Keep work areas well-lit.
  • Upon entering a darkened room, always turn on the light first.
  • Keep areas around light switches clear and accessible.

5. Footwear
The shoes we wear can play a big part in preventing falls. The slickness of the soles and the type of heels worn need to be evaluated to avoid slips, trips and falls. Types of soles also play a big part in our food areas. Non-slip shoes or shoe covers are a must to mitigate slips and falls in kitchens. Shoelaces need to be tied correctly. Employees are expected to wear footwear appropriate for the duties of their work task.

6. Behavior
This condition is the toughest to control. I can’t tell you how many times during an incident interview a guest or employee has stated that they tripped over their own feet or weren’t watching where they were walking. Being in a hurry will result in walking too fast or running, which increases the chances of a slip, trip or fall. Taking shortcuts, not being attentive, wearing sunglasses in low-light areas, not using designated walkways and speed are common factors in many injuries.

Slips, Trips, and Falls are one of the most common causes of injuries and accidents we see at our facilities with both guests and employees. It’s ultimately up to us to stay alert, pay attention and help mitigate and eliminate safety hazards for ourselves, our co-workers and our guests.



Anita Boyd, Promotion

It is with pleasure we announce that Anita Boyd has been promoted to Executive Director of People & Organization, USA. Anita joined the company in 2014 and as Manager of Human Resources she has led the implementation of Human Resources new systems and processes across the US parks. Anita brings a wealth of HR experience from leading firms including Hyatt Hotels. Please join us in congratulating Anita on her well-deserved promotion!


IT Conference, Newport Beach

Rick Walker, Palace Corp Senior Software Developer, presenting at the annual Park SysAdmins Training, Security, Planning and PCI Conference in Newport Beach, CA.




Kenny Kangaroo on Ice! – Kennywood

Kenny Kangaroo took center ice January 14, 2020 at the Pittsburgh Penguins game against the Minnesota Wild. Pittsburgh Night at PPG Paints Arena featured popular mascots from all over the city. Kenny helped rev up the crowd and spurred the Penguins to a 7-3 victory!


Lake Compounce Celebration

Lake Compounce hosted A Very Merry Compounce Party after the craziness of the holiday season, on January 7th, 2020. This year the marketing team put together a photo and video scavenger hunt around town with hilarious assignments including eating a cupcake with mittens, taking a selfie with a police officer, planking in various places, and doing the hustle, just to name a few. Each task had weighted points based on the embarrassment level of the task, with the complete list totaling 2020 points. Broken into teams, the crew didn’t disappoint. After the three hour hunt and memories to last a lifetime, winners were crowned. Each team met up at J. Timothy’s Taverne to celebrate with drinks, wings, and more; all accompanied by a slideshow of the incredible pictures and videos from the day.


Miami Seaquarium’s Nurse Shark Predicts Big Game Winner

On Jan. 21, 2020, Miami Seaquarium’s nurse shark, Running Back Jack, was ready to predict the Big Game winner! Inside the exhibit, the city names of the two remaining teams were placed on a platform to give the shark prognosticator the chance to swim to the team of their choice. Once the platform was placed in the water, Running Back Jack swiftly swam to San Francisco and remained there for two minutes! Who are you rooting for? Our money is on Running Back Jack’s prediction!


Sea Life Park, Hawaii - In the News


Sea Life Park Introduces its Newest Interactive Experience for keiki with Dolphin Splash!

Dolphin Splash will enable younger children to watch and learn how dolphins are adapted for life in the water, while safely standing on a knee-deep platform and provides an opportunity to learn about basic dolphin senses, adaptations, and anatomy. The Park has seen how meaningful these kinds of educational encounters can be from our animal therapy work over the years with Kapiolani Medical Center, Make-A-Wish Foundation and more and were able to draw insights from those specially-designed encounters to help shape this new program. (Insert Splash photo attached).


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Our Palace Mission

“To provide wholesome family entertainment that is safe, a great value, and exceeds guest expectations at every opportunity.”

Our Mission talks to the very essence of what Palace Entertainment is all about. Please keep this Mission in mind as you approach your work and make decisions that impact our guests.