Spring 2020



  • Roland Reyes, Assistant General Manager - Raging Waters Los Angeles


  • Ryan Lorusso – Promoted to E-Commerce Manager


  • Patrick Cavanaugh, General Manager - Boomers Palm
  • Parker Chipman, Manager of HR & Employee Housing - Noah’s Ark


  • Kennywood Park named 'Favorite Traditional Park'
  • Miami Seaquarium Releases Two Manatees: Frappuccino & Brownee
  • Sea Life Park Answers Call of Pacific Marine Mammal Center to Find Sanctuary for Niblet and Brawler
Safety First
Don’t just say it, live it!

Safety is our top priority, and is everyone’s responsibility. Immediately report safety hazards or concerns to your supervisor. If an imminent hazard is present, immediately shut down the attraction or close off the area.
Safety Officer Spotlight

Roland Reyes, Assistant General Manager -  Raging Waters Los Angeles

Roland Reyes, Assistant General Manager at Raging Waters Los Angeles joined the Palace Entertainment family in January of 2019. He has spent over 30 years in the Amusement Industry with a heavy emphasis on all aspects of Operations and Guest Service. He mentioned he has enjoyed seeing the personal and professional growth from our younger employees and since joining Palace having the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of the Raging Waters operation. When not at work he enjoys hiking, fishing and spending time with family and friends.

Slips, Trips and Falls are a leading cause of injuries at work and on the guest side of our facilities. Results include but are not limited to muscle sprains and tears, lacerations, abrasions, major trauma and deaths. Slips, trips and falls contribute to 15% of all accidental deaths in the US. There are so many places at an amusement park for our guests or employees to injure themselves from a slip, trip and fall. It is everyone’s job to help root out and prevent potential hazards where a guest or co-worker could become injured.  Here are six ways to help minimize the chances of a slip, trip, and fall.

General Construction Safety Awareness
Many of our parks are well under way with various construction projects in preparation for the 2020 season. The following are some helpful tips to keep our employees and contractors vigilant and safe during these busy times.


1. Safety Meeting:
To help the safety process, holding a preliminary meeting to review the Palace/Park safety standards with contractors prior to the start of any major project. This will help to open communication lines and set safety expectations.

2. Daily Sign In:

On entry each day, have contractors log in and collect contractor badges. With many of the larger projects and several sub-contractors this will assist in identifying the respective contractors for each job site.

3. Signage/Barriers:
Before work begins in the vicinity of vehicular traffic or pedestrian traffic that may endanger employees, warning signs and/or flags or other traffic control devices shall be placed conspicuously to alert and channel approaching traffic. Where further protection is needed barriers shall be utilized. At night, warning lights shall be prominently displayed. OSHA Standard 1926.200

  • Danger signs shall be used only where an immediate hazard exists. Danger signs shall have red as the predominant color for the upper panel, black outline on the borders and a white lower panel for additional sign wording.
  • Caution signs shall be used only to warn against potential hazards or to caution against unsafe practices. Caution signs shall have yellow as the predominant color, black upper panel and borders with yellow lettering.

4. Personal Protective Equipment:
The following are a few of the more common PPE that should be in use on construction sites and under what conditions:

  • To start, the employer is responsible for requiring the wearing of appropriate PPE in all operations where there is exposure to hazardous conditions or where this part indicates the need for using such equipment to reduce the hazards to the employees. OSHA Standard 1926.28(a)
  • Hard Hats: Employees working in areas where there is a possible danger of head injury from impact or from falling or flying objects, or from electrical shock and burns, shall be protected by protective helmets. OSHA Standard 1926.100(a)
  • The employer shall ensure that each affected employee uses appropriate eye or face protection when exposed to eye or face hazards from flying particles, molten metals, liquid chemicals, acids, or caustic liquids, chemical gases or vapors, or potentially injurious light radiation. The employer shall also ensure that each affected employee uses eye protection that provides side protection when there is a hazard from flying objects. OSHA Standards 1926.102(a)(1) and 1926.102(a)(2)
  • Each employee who is constructing a leading edge 6 feet or more above lower levels shall be protected from falling by guardrail systems, safety net systems, or personal fall arrest systems for general industry. OSHA Standard 1926.501(b)(2)(i) Have a Safe and Fun 2020 Season!

Have a Safe and Fun 2020 Season!



Ryan Lorusso, E-Commerce Manager - Newport Beach

We are pleased to announce Ryan Lorusso has been promoted to E-Commerce Manager. Ryan began his career with Palace at Lake Compounce in 2016 as a marketing coordinator. Ryan’s talent and passion for theme parks and marketing brought him to our Corporate Marketing team 2 and half years ago. Since that time he has continued to demonstrate his ability to improve business and customer experience on our websites. Please congratulate Ryan on his success.


Patrick Cavanaugh, General Manager - Boomers Palm Springs

Patrick Cavanaugh has joined our team as our new General Manager at Boomers Palm Springs.

A New England native, Patrick grew up north of Boston and studied business management at Fayetteville State University while serving in the U.S. Army, 82nd Airborne Division. In his over 25 years of experience, Patrick has held a number of senior management positions with a focus on administrative and financial oversight, personal management, and revenue generation. He most recently was involved in the building and management of Laser Oasis Entertainment Center in Coachella Valley; featuring a laser tag arena, aerial ropes course, arcade, and restaurant/bar. Patrick is the proud father of two boys and enjoys spending time with his wife and kids. We are pleased to have Patrick joining the team and look forward to continue the positive growth at Palm Springs.


Parker Chipman, Manager of HR & Employee Housing - Noah’s Ark

Parker joined the Noah’s Ark Waterpark team in December as Manager of Human Resources & Employee Housing Manager. Parker will be responsible for opening the new 400 bed employee dormitory in May and recruiting J-1 International students and local American employees. He has worked in the Human Resources field for several years in multiple industries. Parker grew up in south east Wisconsin and re-located back from the Salt Lake City, Utah area. In His free time he likes to travel. Welcome Parker!



Kennywood Park named 'Favorite Traditional Park'

Kennywood and its coasters earned top billing in the annual member survey by the National Amusement Park Historical Association! NAPHA’s 34th annual survey saw Kennywood named as its members Favorite Traditional Amusement Park, with The Steel Curtain (Best New Attraction), Phantom’s Revenge (Favorite Steel Roller Coaster), and Jack Rabbit (tied-second Favorite Wood Roller Coaster) all receiving recognition. While Kennywood has never finished lower than second in NAPHA’s voting for Favorite Traditional Amusement Park, this is the first time it landed in the top slot since 2011.

Also, congratulations to Boulder Dash at Lake Compounce, which tied with the Jack Rabbit for second-Favorite Wood Roller Coaster!”


Miami Seaquarium Releases Two Manatees: Frappuccino & Brownee

On Jan. 23, rescued manatees, Frappuccino and Brownee, successfully completed rehabilitation at our Park and were released back to Florida waters!
In early 2018, Frappuccino, an adult male manatee, was brought to our Park to be rehabilitated and later released. Unfortunately, a year later, he suffered a watercraft injury, which brought him back to our facility. With the constant care from our animal care team, he’s made a full recovery and weighs approximately 1,400 pounds! 

Brownee, an orphaned calf, was observed without his mother and brought to our Park to be cared for and nursed until he was a young adult. He was named Brownee because he was rescued in Broward County. He was released back to Port Everglades and weighs more than 600 pounds! A satellite tracking belt was fitted around his tail to help biologists gather information on him. The belt will also track his progress to ensure that his release has been successful.

Though we are sad to see them go, we wish nothing but the best for these gentle animals!


Sea Life Park Answers Call of Pacific Marine Mammal Center to Find Sanctuary for Niblet and Brawler

Sea Life Park announces it is taking in two California sea lions in need of lifelong care. Following a carefully managed transport from the Pacific Marine Mammal Center (PMMC) in California, Niblet and Brawler are now finding a permanent home on Oahu. 

In 2017, the two female sea lions were rescued separately a few months apart by PMMC. Deemed un-releasable by the National Marine Fisheries Service, a division of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and with the facility designed for short-term needs, PMMC placed a call out to partner facilities qualified to care for pinnipeds. Especially suited to assist, Sea Life Park stepped in to provide a home in Hawaii for both sea lions.

“From sea lions to seabirds and more, the Park has had a long history of providing animal rehabilitation, as well as for long-term care for animals that are ultimately unable to be released back into the wild,” said Sea Life Park General Manager, Valerie King. “We are committed to supporting marine conservation in each way that we can.”

“With the complex challenges facing sea lions, starvation or euthanasia tragically often awaits animals such as Niblet and Brawler,” said Sea Life Park Curator Jeff Pawloski, who was instrumental in the logistics of the sea lions’ arrival at the Park, as well as in developing a long-term care plan. “Yet thanks to the efforts of tireless organizations like PMMC, NOAA and the Department of Agriculture, and the expert veterinary teams that all came together to help ensure a seamless transport and quarantine with round-the-clock care, these two amazing animals have a new lease on life. Niblet and Brawler can not only help us to share awareness for the plight of their kind, but also offer a wonderful reminder of how we all can make a difference.”


If you have any exciting news, announcements or events to share, a new employee to introduce, or recognition of an employee who has gone above and beyond, please email me a brief paragraph and photo if available, and we will share your news in next month’s newsletter.  

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Our Palace Mission

“To provide wholesome family entertainment that is safe, a great value, and exceeds guest expectations at every opportunity.”

Our Mission talks to the very essence of what Palace Entertainment is all about. Please keep this Mission in mind as you approach your work and make decisions that impact our guests.